Research Areas

  • Biotechnology, Diagnostics and Control of Animal Diseases

    Description: The research in this area involves molecular, immunological, and cellular organisms characterization, the host-agent relationship, and the development of products and processes to identify and control diseases that affect various animal species of national interest.

  • Epidemiology and Control of Quality of Animal Products

    Description: Control of zoonoses and afflictions that affect human and animal populations; microbiological and physicochemical studies, focused on control systems Quality of animal products, from production to consumption (HACCP).

  • Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging and Surgical Methods and anesthetics Applied to Animals

    Description: Research in this area aims to study clinical procedures, surgical techniques, anesthetic protocols, diagnostic imaging techniques, and the development of alternative materials in veterinary surgery and anesthesiology.

  • Morphophysiology of Domestic and Wildlife Animals

    Description: The research in this area is directed to the study of aspects of cytology, cell biology, histology, and physiology in animal species.

  • Reproduction and Animal Production

    Description: Reading biological phenomena in the female and the male hormone and their relationships; Develop and/or make use of biotechnology and assisted reproductivetechniques; Provide management and nutrition studies of domestic animals.

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