Guidelines and Rules

General Standards

- Selection twice a year, as the school calendar UFV;

- Online registration, by the Research and Graduate Dean´s Office (PPG) UFV system:

-Applicants must comply with all standards set by PPG for registration (documents,vouchers, rates, and terms);

-Applicants must attach resume properly organized and documented as model shownin annex I, which is available from the official website of the Graduate Program in veterinary medicine (PPGMV);

-Candidates for the doctoral course should forward proposal for a research projectseeking to develop, drawn up according to the model shown in annex II, available onthe official website PPGMV. Each applicant should submit three copies of the projectproposal no later than 07 days prior to the commencement of the selection process;

-The number of vacancies for the selection process in question will be defined by the Commission Coordinator of the PPGMV;

-The disclosure will be held at PPGMV's official page, in the section "highlights". Additionally, information about the open selection process will be announced inprominent locations on the homepage of the PPGMV (banners);

-The number of slots for master's degree (MS) and PhD (DS) is defined as annual MSdefenses prospects and DS in PPGMV, whereas the relationship between annual training of masters and doctors recommended by veterinary medicine CAPES (currently, maximum of 2 MS: 1 DS) and respecting the limit of vacancies approved by CAPES and defined by PPG;

-For each selection, is set technical reserve of up to 10% of slots open for foreigncandidates from institutional agreements established with the UFV;

-The Coordinating Committee recommends possible guiding query PPGMV for verification of availability of guidance and verification of compatibility of proposedresearch activities;

-After approval of submissions, the Commission Coordinator of the PPGMV will indicate a selection Committee which will be established for each selection process:

-The selection Committee will consist of five teachers guiding PPGMV, representingeach one of the research lines registered, and a student representative;

-Must be at least a member of the Coordinating Committee should compose theselection Committee;

-The composition of the selection Committee must obey a rotation between guidingteachers, with change of at least two members between selections in a row;

-The selection Committee and the Coordinating Committee of the PPGMV define in detail the dates and locations for carrying out each stage of the selection process for MS and DS


Steps in the selection process


Step 01. English exam (20 points)

-All candidates of MS and DS shall perform a test of basic knowledge in English. This test will consist of multiple choice questions, elaborated by outsource partners (English schools) or by the Department of Arts, UFV. The issues that will compose the proof will be based on texts which could address scientific issues or general knowledge;


Step 02. Proof of expertise (30 points)

-The selection Committee will draw up a test that will aim to assess candidatesregarding the ability of interpretation problems and formulating hypotheses forresolution thereof;

-As a suggestion, a basic form of proof will consist of the interpretation of scientific articles selected by the Evaluation Committee, comprising the different research lines of the program (selection of at least 5 scientific articles); Considering this suggestion,selected articles cannot be derived from the research activities of PPGMV, authored orco-authored by professors and tutors of the PPGMV and/or the candidate selection process;

-This option of evidence, applicants will receive all articles selected by the selection Committee, which should be omitted sections: Abstract/Summary, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgements, Bibliography; After initial analysis of articles, each candidate will select a scientific paper;

-This option of evidence, MS candidates should draw up a discussion, withinterpretation of findings and a conclusion; candidates for the DS should draw up a discussion, with interpretation of findings and a conclusion, and should propose a work plan, with objectives and steps of a possible study, aiming at continuity orcompleteness of data presented in the article selected;

-The time limit for the exam of evidence is 3 hours and the essay should be in Portuguese;

-The selection Committee will correct the exams and the final grade of each candidate will be the average of the grades of each Member. Each test should be corrected by at least three members. In the case of a candidate with interests of a guidance of the members of the selection Committee, the evidence cannot be corrected by the same;


Step 03. Complaint (25 points)

-Shortly after the evidence of specific knowledge, will be organized a range ofcandidates for Director of the complaint;

-Each complaint should be performed by at least three members of the selection Committee;

-Doctoral Candidates must, obligatorily, to present the proposal for research projectsubmitted in the Act of registration during the complaint. The time of presentation will be a maximum of 15 minutes, and the doctoral candidate Advisor may be presentduring the presentation and complaint;

-The selection Committee will assign notes to each candidate and the final grade is the average of the notes of each evaluator.


Step 04. Curriculum (25 points)

-This step involves assessing the curriculum attached at the time of registration. All applicants must submit, at the time of application, a curriculum drawn up according to the model shown in annex I, which is available from the official website of the PPGMV;

-Curriculum that do not follow the model shown in annex I shall be disregarded;

-The curriculum must be fully documented. Only those items that have document proving compatible will be scored;

-The weights of each section of the curriculum, as well as the scores of each item, are detailed in the model presented in annex I;

-The notes of each section of the curriculum are adjusted according to the respective weights of sections, with reference to the scores obtained in each section;

-The final note of the curriculum shall be achieved by the sum of the values obtained in each section. The classification of curriculum will be adjusted considering the highest score, which represents the value 25;

-At the end of every stage of the evaluation, the notes obtained shall be summed and applicants will be sorted in descending order. Only candidates who obtained eficiente use equal to or greater than 65% shall be considered as the availability of parking spaces for coaches and ranking for entry into the program, considering the number of slots open;

-In the event of a tie, will be considered as tiebreakers: 1) score of the curriculum, 2) Note obtained proof of expertise;

-After the end of the activities, the selection Committee should draw up a minute, where should the participants, the steps taken, and the final result of the selection process, and must be signed by all members of the Commission. Then, the minutes shall be forwarded to the Commission Coordinator of PPGMV, for review and approval.

-After approval of the minutes of the selection process completed, the advidors should declare responsibility for orientation of the successful candidates, as availability of orientation defined in the internal regulations of the PPGMV;

-Temporary guidance responsibility Statements must be reviewed and approved by the Coordinating Committee of the PPGMV, after submission of a formal request by interested parties (Adviser and candidate approved) with background and details of the advisor who will take over temporarily the guidance;

-The maximum period for temporary guidance of students is of 06 months to master and 12 months for doctoral degrees; After this period, if the situation is not regularized guidance, the oriented will become the responsibility of the supervisor who took the temporary guidance;

-The availability of slots for each supervisor will be calculated by the Commission Coordinator of PPGMV, as established in its Bylaws;

-The numbers of available slots by Advisor for specific programs or partnershipexchange, as MINTER and DINTER, will be defined by the Coordinating Committee of the PPGMV, regardless of the criteria adopted for conventional selections;

-After analysis of the results of the selection process, and the availability of guidelines for advisors, the Commission Coordinator of the PPGMV will draw up a list of suitable candidates, which should follow the following criteria: 1) Use minimum of 65% in the selection process, 2) Advisor to assume responsibility for orientation, and 3) rating within the number of slots available at PPGMV for the selection process in question.

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