Program Bylaws






Article 1 - The Graduate Program in Veterinary Medicine (PPGMV), at Master's and Doctorate Academic levels, aims to provide in-depth scientific training to students, with the development of research, teaching and innovation capacity in Veterinary Medicine.

Sole Paragraph - The Program offers specialized training in Morphology, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Public Health, Inspection of Products of Animal Origin, Reproduction and Animal Production and Veterinary Medical and Surgical Clinics.

Article 2 - The organization and operation of the PPGMV obey the Graduation Regiment of the UFV and the rules contained in this regiment.




Article 3 - Applicants to the PPGMV must have an undergraduate course, and, for candidates for Doctorate, it is required to prove completion of a Master's Degree in Veterinary Medicine or related fields.

Article 4 - The selection of the candidates to fill the vacancies offered will be carried out by the regular process of selection, according to criteria defined by the Coordinating Committee, after consultation with the PPGMV advisors, and your official website.

Sole paragraph - The regular process of selection of the PPGMV will occur twice a year, according to the schedule established by the Pro-Rectory of Research and Graduation of the UFV (PPG-UFV).

Article 5 - The admission of the selected candidate will be subject to the acceptance of a PPGMV advisor and to the approval of the Technical Graduate Council of UFV (CTP-UFV).

Article 6 - Students regularly enrolled in the Master's program of PPGMV may apply for admission to the Doctoral program without going through the regular selection process (direct doctorate), upon presentation of a request with the recommendation and justification of their Master's degree Adviser, accompanied by a Thesis Project to be executed.

§1 - The request for transposition shall be made with a minimum of 13 months and a maximum of 20 months of Master's degree course;

§2 - The approval is conditioned to the analysis and evaluation of the Coordinating Committee of the PPGMV and later analysis and approval by the CTP-UFV;

§3 - If transposition is accompanied by the defense of the dissertation, it must occur within 24 months of enrollment in the Master course.




Article 7 - Those interested in applying for accreditation as a supervisor in the PPGMV must meet the minimum criteria defined below:

I. have a doctorate degree;

II. act in teaching activities at the undergraduate and / or graduate level;

III. develop research activities in areas with adherence to PPGMV research lines.

IV. coordinate or participate in teams of research projects approved or submitted to development agencies (public or private)

V. to have scientific productivity according to the established criteria for the definition of the number of master's and doctoral students  (Chapter IV of this regiment).

Sole Paragraph - The interested party must send a letter with substantiated justification for the application for accreditation and copy of the Lattes curriculum to the Coordinating Committee of the PPGMV, which will carry out an analysis and present an evaluation;

Article 8 - The Advisers accredited in the PPGMV will be classified by the Coordinating Committee according to criteria established by CAPES and PPGMV development goals.

§1 - Changes in the categories of advisers may occur in the first year of a CAPES evaluation period, except in situations justified by the scientific productivity of the supervisor.

§2 - The recertification of advisers will take place at the end of each CAPES evaluation period, considering the criteria set out in Article 7.




Article 9 - Each student will have an adviser appointed by the Coordinating Committee of the PPGMV.

Article 10 - The number of students by adviser will be defined by the Coordinating Committee of the PPGMV at the time of each regular selection process, considering:

§1 - The average individual intellectual production related to published articles will be calculated considering the three years prior to the current selection process, according to criteria established by the Veterinary Medicine area of CAPES and the Coordinating Committee of the PPGMV.

§ 2º - Considering the average values obtained, the limit number of orientated by advisor will be:


I. Up to three students, when intellectual production is compatible with the "regular" classification, according to CAPES, considering the total number of articles of the teacher;

II. Up to six students, when the intellectual production is compatible with the "good" classification, according to CAPES, considering the total number of articles of the teacher;

III. Up to nine students, when the intellectual production is compatible with the classification "very good", according to CAPES, considering the total number of articles of the teacher, and;

IV. Up to twelve students, when the intellectual production is greater than or equal to 1.2 considering the number of articles A1, A2 and B1 of the teacher.

§3 - Additional criteria will be considered for the calculation of the individual intellectual production:

I. CNPq productivity scholarships may additionally advise a student;

II. Deposits and registrations of patents and books and chapters of books will be considered in the calculation of individual intellectual production, considering criteria defined by the area of Veterinary Medicine of CAPES;

§4 - While the adviser is advising students of masters with more than 24 months or doctorate with more than 48 months of course, it cannot receive new students;

§5 - In notices or special agreements, such as MINTER and DINTER, the number of master's and doctoral students will be established by the PPGMV Coordinating Committee according to the goals established in the partnerships, regardless of the criteria adopted in regular selections.




Article 11 - The Study Plan must be submitted to the Coordinating Commission of the PPGMV until 30 (thirty) days before the end of the first day of the student's classes.

Sole Paragraph - Modifications of the Study Plan may be made and the new Plan shall follow the same procedure as the original.

Article 12 - The Master's student must attend at least 12 credits, and Doctoral, at least 24 credits.

Article 13 - All students of the PPGMV, regardless of the level, must present a seminar related to the research project and attend VET 797 - Seminary for two semesters.

Sole paragraph - The students must present the seminar until the second semester and the doctoral students until the fourth semester, with the mandatory presence of the advisor or representative.

Article 14 - The student must prove proficiency in a foreign language according to the options indicated by the General Rules stricto sensu of the UFV.

Article 15 - The student can enroll in the unit  VET 685 - Special Activities in Veterinary Medicine I and VET 785 - Special Activities in Veterinary Medicine II for a maximum of two semesters, and use a maximum of three credits to complete your study plan at each level.




Article 16 - The Coordinating Committee of the PPGMV will be responsible for the organization of the activities of the VET unit 797 - Seminary.

Sole paragraph - The members of the PPGMV Coordinating Committee shall alternate as coordinator of the unit each semester.




Article 17 - The student may carry out his research in another Institution.

Sole paragraph - The scientific activities should be supervised by a researcher of the partner institution, duly accredited as advisor or co-advisor for the CTP.

Article 18 - The concept "N" will be conferred in VET 799 - Research to the master's and doctoral student that, respectively, at the end of the fourth and eighth academic periods of the course, do not prove to be with their dissertation or thesis in conditions to be defended until they are completed 24 or 48 months as a regular student.




Article 19 - The qualification examination will consist of a test prepared by an Examining Committee, covering subjects related to Veterinary Medicine.

§1. The Examining Committee shall prepare a schedule of activities containing: 1) Date for submission of questions to the student; 2) Date of delivery of the answers to the Examining Committee; 3) Date of the Qualification Examination.

§2 - The President of the Examining Committee shall send to the Coordinating Committee of the PPGMV a letter containing the evaluation questions and the schedule of activities.

Article 20 - On the date of the Qualification Exam, the student will be evaluated in closed session about the answers elaborated and submitted to the Examining Committee, being optional the oral presentation, at the discretion of the evaluation committee.

§1 - At the end of the argument, the Examining Board will meet, without the presence of the student, to present the final evaluation.

§2 - The result of the qualification will be released in a proper form that, after signed by all the members of the Examining Committee, will be delivered to the Graduate Department of the Veterinary Department.

§3 - If the student fails, the student must re-qualify, as detailed in the previous items, within six months after the first Qualification Exam, respecting the maximum period of completion of the course.

§4 - In case of two failures in the qualification examination, the student will be disconnected from the PPGMV.

Article 21 - If the student does not take his Qualification Examination within the stipulated period, he / she will receive a concept N in VET 799 - Research.




Article 22 - The student must deliver a printed copy of the dissertation or thesis to each member of the Examining Committee, including to the substitutes, at least 15 (fifteen) days before the date set for the defense.

Sole Paragraph - In the same period, an identical copy of the dissertation or thesis must be delivered, in digital format, at the Graduation Office of the Department of Veterinary.

Article 23 - Dissertations and theses must contain a reference to the financial support obtained during the research project (scholarships and funding by public or private research organizations), as well as the registration of approval by institutional research ethics committee (s), when relevant.

Article 24 - Defenses of dissertation and thesis will be held in open session to the public.

Article 25 - The delivery of the approval sheet containing the signatures of the Examining Committee is conditioned on the submission of a scientific article derived from the dissertation or thesis to a periodical, preferably classified as A1, A2 or B1 in the Qualis in the Veterinary Medicine area:

§1 - The student must send the proof of submission of the article to the Graduate Office in the Department of Veterinary, with the agreement of its advisor.

§2 - Specific cases that prevent the submission of a scientific article in a timely manner, such as dissertation or thesis related to patents or indications of the Examining Committee to carry out new studies, should be duly justified by a letter to be submitted for analysis by the Coordinating Committee of the PPGMV, within 30 days after the defense.




Article 26 - The PPGMV Coordinating Committee, according to the availability of resources, will distribute institutional scholarships to regularly enrolled students.

Sole Paragraph - The granting of scholarships will be made through the selection of students according to criteria defined in a specific edict published by the PPGMV.

Article 27 - The scholarship may be suspended or canceled by the Coordinating Committee of the PPGMV or by the funding agency for academic, disciplinary or financial reasons, with no right of indemnification to the fellow.

Article 28 - In the case of transposition of Master's for Doctoral degree, the granting of scholarships will be conditioned to the availability of resources and the specific norms for change of level provided by the funding agency to which the scholarship in question belongs.




Article 29 - Cases not contemplated in these rules will be analyzed by the Coordinating Committee of the PPGMV.

Article 30 - These Rules of Procedure shall enter into force on the date of their approval


Approved at the 31st meeting of the Câmara de Assessoramento Scire

Pro-Rectory of Research and Graduation, Universidade Federal de Viçosa

on April 5th, 2018.


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