The Graduate Program in Veterinary Medicine began its academic activities in March 1996, with the approval of the Master’s degrree. In March 2005, Ph.D activities were initiated, determining a scientific breakthrough in the academic activities already in progress and initiating the training of qualified doctors. The Program has a group of advisors consisting of professors and graduates of PhD courses in renowned Brazilian and foreign institutions, fully committed to teaching activities in undergraduate, graduate, extension and research, all of them on an exclusive dedication basis.

The main objective of the program is the development of research and teaching in the various areas of knowledge of veterinary medicine, morphology, physiology and pathology of domestic and wild animals, preventive veterinary medicine and public health, inspection of products of animal origin, reproduction, nutrition and animal production, veterinary clinic and surgery. These activities allow the training of professionals to work in scientific research, technological development and higher education, supplying institutions that generate science and produce technology with highly qualified professionals.