Lines of Research

Biotechnology, Diagnosis and Control of Animal Diseases

Research in this line involves the molecular, immunological, and cellular characterization of organisms, the host-agent relationship, and the development of products and processes to identify and control diseases that affect the various animal species of national interest.

Epidemiology and Quality Control of Animal Products

Control of zoonoses and diseases that affect human and animal populations; microbiological and physicochemical studies, focused on quality control systems for products of animal origin, from production to consumption (HACCP).

Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging and Surgical and Anesthetic Methods Applied to Animals

Research in this area aims to study clinical procedures, surgical techniques, anesthetic protocols, diagnostic imaging techniques and the development of alternative materials in veterinary surgery and anesthesiology.

Morphophysiology of Domestic and Wildlife Animals

Research in this line is directed to the study of aspects of cytology, cell biology, histology and physiology in animal species.

Animal Reproduction and Production

Studying biological phenomena in females and males and their hormonal relationships; Develop and/or make use of biotechnologies and assisted reproduction techniques; Provide studies on the management and nutrition of domestic animals.